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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Deputation Updates, and What God is Doing!

We were in Ohio in September, Michigan, and Arkansas in October, and now we are in Tennessee for the month of November.

God has done so many great things over the past several months. 

Even though we weren't due to be back in the US until October, Bro Coffey was able to book us a quick deputation through Ohio in September!

We are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful organization that will be there no matter what!

So much has happened over the span of this deputation, and God just keeps moving!

While in Ohio, and Michigan me and Ezekiel were making weekend and mid week trips to these states since they were so close to where we were staying in Indiana, but Arkansas and Tennessee are so much further.

While we were in Arkansas we stayed at the evangelist quarters at Bethel Church, and Pastor Tidwell was a great host! 

We also got to spend quite a bit of time with the Arkansas Missions Director Elder Stokes, and the Superentendant Pastor Nooner. We also got to know quite a few of the church members, and be part of their fall parties! 

On our last day in Arkansas we had two blowout services!

The first was at Pastor Keith Stokes church, and during the service Ezekiel blew it up while sharing his testimony. 

At the end of the service the Pastor called us up, and began to prophecy things that were going to happen to me, Ezekiel, and our family. 

Over the past 3 weeks we have saw these prophecies come to pass, and God is confirming the words that were spoken. 

At the beginning of November me and Ezekiel was able to make a quick 4 day trip back to Indiana to see Sis Marshall, Adrianna, and the rest of our family. 

When we got home it was such a surprise. Harley, and Sis Marshall had made a thanksgiving meal, and our family came for a great dinner! 

They kept asking me where we were, and telling me to take my time. I had no idea what they was up to, but it was such a great surprise!

On November 2 my wife and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary!

On November 5 me and Ezekiel hit the road again, in route to Memphis. 

After we were in Memphis for a couple of days we found a Bass Pro Shop, and when we got there it was such a great surprise. We went to the worlds largest Bass Pro, and had a blast! We spent hours inside just making our way through. I can't wait to take Adrianna to Memphis to see this place!

While in Memphis we had the honor and privilege to stay at the evangelist quarters at Pastor Mark Johnson's Church, and spend some time with him while we were there. 

From great services to a tour of downtown it was top notch hosting!

On our last day in Memphis we stopped by Gus's Chicken to have lunch with our dear friends Kenny, and Virginia Riggins. 

We had a couple of hours of great fellowship, and when we finished up we headed to the parking lot. There was a man that was setting pretty close to us, and he was alone, but had been there for quite a long time. 

After we went out, he came out shortly after, and followed us to our car. He reached out, and grabbed my hand, and began to speak into my life. 

He began prophesying things that confirmed other prophecies that had been spoken over the past weeks, and as he spoke the Holy Ghost began to fall. 

I receive the words that he spoke, and can't wait to see what God is going to do next!

I am so blessed to serve the Kingdom of God!

We are currently staying in Savannah TN at Pastor Robinson's evangelist quarters, and have been having a great time here! 

The church, and the people here are great! The Robinson's have treated us wonderful! 

Yesterday me and Ezekiel was able to go to the pickwick village, and have a great meal at a little 1800's style goldmine restaurant.

We have 3-4 more services before NYC (one is still unconfirmed), but we are so excited to see y'all there!

Until then, may God continually bless you,

Bro. Marshall

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