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Friday, July 29, 2022

We're Safe, and Back in America

 It is bittersweet, but we are back in the US. 

We are staying in Connersville, IN waiting on deputation. 

We are continuing to pray for the situation in PNG, but it is getting worse rather than better.

The UN has been requested to come in, the mall the kids were going to to get out is now unsafe. 17 were killed outside the same place our kids were just hours ago. 

5 provinces have failed in the election, and there have been several reported murders over the past week. 

This is now the worst recorded election in PNG history. There have been more deaths, and more arrest than any other election. 

Please remember PNG in your prayers during this time of unrest.

On next week's episode I will have all of our children, and our granddaughter on the podcast. I feel it is important for people to hear what they have to say, and how they feel when we are in the field, and when things begin to collapse. There were 72 critical hours where things got bad enough for our superiors to tell us it is time to come to the US, and our kids were scared for our safety. 

Thanks, and may God continually bless you,

Bro Marshall

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