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Monday, July 11, 2022

Well, It's Election Week In Hagen...Pray Church

 It has been a pretty crazy week here in PNG. 

Silas is getting settled in good here at the headquarters, and seems to really like it here. We were able to convert my office into a bedroom so he would have his own space while he is here, and it is working out pretty well!

Sunday we had another great service at Anglimp Outreach, and Silas got a chance to greet the church for the first time, and Ezekiel interpreted for him! It was such a great Experience!

This week is election week, but everything has been postponed due to riots here in the Western Highlands. Please continue to pray for us! 7 People were shot Monday, and I am sure the tally will continue to grow. 

During elections here in PNG civil unrest is very bad, and there is a lot of fighting. We are just planning on staying close to home for the next few days and laying low. 

On my podcast this week (Link at the top of the page) I shared some exciting news about things happening here in PNG, as well as Solomon Islands, and Fiji. 

Bro Sio gave a home bible study to a man who come to find out owns a night club. The owner closed the club, and donated it to the ALJC, and it has now had 2 services held there. 

On the second week a man came, and was under conviction. Bro Sio baptized him in the name of Jesus Christ, and come to find out he was a pastor. The pastor said he sees the truth, and has now baptized his congregation in the name of Jesus Christ, and donated his church to the ALJC! 

2 Churches in 2 Weeks!!

During our conference in Fiji we had 13 ministers come as guest, and they all want to come to the ALJC! They are the only members of an organization, and they are looking for more guidance, We are in talks about the next steps we need to take to make it happen!

The organization has 10 churches, and will double the size of the work in Fiji!

Thank God for the revival he has poured out on the South Pacific!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers, and support,

Bro Marshall

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