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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Some Fiji Updates, and What God is Doing in the South Pacific

 Fiji was great!

We had a great move of God at our first National Conference, and I have some really exciting news about what God is doing that I will be releasing over the next couple of weeks. 

All I have to say is WOW!!!!!

We have established our constitution, and licensed several ministers in Fiji, and God gets all the Glory!

We have been able to get 11 ID cards, and ministerial Certificates to our ministers in Fiji Here Is some info so you can see them, and know who you're praying for, and what they look like!

Setoki Tuberi National Missionary Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ Fiji

Bola Were Setoki Evangelist from Lami Church 

Kustitino Matanituilagi Pastor Bua Church

Saula Naicori Pastor Waimalua Church

Sakes Rokovasivasi Pastor New Jerusalem Church

Tenure Vatiiai Minister Lami Church

Vika Raigani Minister Lami Church

Joyse Laisane Minister Waimalua Church

Filomena Takayawa Minister Buabua Church

Taucilagi Filomena National Missionary Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ Fiji

Fitter Tikoaedru Minister New Jerusalem Church

We had some great teaching, and ministering for 3 days and nights! God showed up, and we saw miracles signs and wonders! 
On the last night we got to see healings, and the Lord began to move in the gift of prophecy. 
I can't wait to hear the great things that happen over the next several weeks, and months. 

Here are some photos from conference!

Thanks for your prayers and support! They are greatly appreciated!
Bro Marshall

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