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Sunday, May 29, 2022

It Has Been an Eventful Week To Say The Least!

 We have had a great week!

We had the chance to celebrate Edwin's grades, and take him out for a day of food and fun! 

While we were there, Ezekiel accidentally locked both sets of keys in the car which made for a very eventful afternoon. 

Here we are standing in the parking lot, and EVERYONE decided to come over to help us out. 

2 hours and we finally made it into the car. 

We had everyone from security guards, to store managers, to police, and military trying to unlock our car. 

Finally a lady was there who said she knew a guy that would be able to do it, and she called him, and he was in within 15 minutes! Thank you Jesus!!

It is getting a little closer to elections and the tensions are high. This morning we were able to hear some machine guns firing in the distance, which was unsettling, but God has his hand on us, and we are all okay. 

On Sunday we went to Jordan Church and ordained the Pastor and our Home Missions Director John Konam. 

God is moving, and great things are happening in PNG! 

May God Continually Bless You,

Bro Marshall

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