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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The 411 of the Past 7 Days

 I said when I first started the podcast, and the blog that I would be sharing the good, bad, and ugly of missions. 
It is my nature to share mainly good things, and I tend to overlook most bad things, so here is a raw episode and post of how the past 7 days have gone. 
I entitled this episode the 411 since I recorded on April 11th, and thought it would be a fun bit of information for everyone!
This week has been rough. I have struggled for the past several days with homesickness, and with a lot of frustration. 
On Thursday of last week we had a great talk with our granddaughter Roselee! We love our FaceTime calls with our family back home, but there are times that being on a FaceTime call and seeing everyone without being able to give them a hug, or actually being in the room with them makes it tough. 
After we hung up I had a bit of a breakdown that lingered around for a few days. I felt homesickness in a way that I have not felt in my entire life, and it didn’t stop there. 
When it rains, it pours…
On Friday I started showing some signs of serious food poisoning that was making my temperament, and my feelings even worse. That held on until late Sunday evening. 
Even though I was feeling awful, on Sunday afternoon I heard Pastor Charlie pull in, and he had a truck full of people. I looked out, and he had 2 precious souls to Baptize in the Name of Jesus Christ! No matter how bad you are feeling, there is something about people experiencing new birth that makes you feel so much better. 
Not knowing for sure if it was a sickness, or food poisoning I stood far back, but I couldn’t resist going back to witness the baptisms!
Finally When I woke up Monday morning I felt so much better, and my temperament was so much better. 
I am sure my wife, and my kids would tell you when I get sick, I am like an injured grizzly bear, and being homesick on top of it made it even worse. 
I know y’all were praying for me and my family, and want to say thank you for your prayers! 
May God Bless You Continually, 
Bro Marshall

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