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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

It’s Worth The Wait! Isaiah 40:31

 I can’t say enough about this week!
We have been having an issue over the past several months and the issue is now no longer an issue!
Let me explain…
We have a Pastor that has been tarrying for the Holy Ghost since 2007. 
Per our constitution no one is to be licensed without the Holy Ghost, but somehow this man had been not only licensed, but upgraded to a General License without having the Holy Ghost, and now his fellowship was in jeopardy. 
He came to the headquarters with several other pastors, and I explained the situation. 
I told him that there are 3 main reasons you will not receive the Holy Ghost
  1. You don’t want it
  2. You don’t understand it
  3. You have unrepented sin in your life

I asked him if he wanted it, he said yes, then I asked him if he believed that God would fill him that day. He said yes. 
I then asked everyone there to take the next few moments of time for all of us to repent. 
We all prayed, and repented, then called him to the middle for prayer. 
We laid hands on him, and within 10 seconds he was speaking in tongues! God is so good!
He has been full reinstated, and reinstalled as the Pastor of his church, and we are seeing revival!!!!
God bless you continually,
Bro Marshall

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