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Monday, April 25, 2022

So, What Do You Do When Your Kid's Get Sick In A Third World Country?

I would like to start by saying "Thank You" to everyone who has been praying for Ezekiel and Adrianna. We thought Ezekiel had scarlet fever, and he was so sick with rashes, a fever, and he slept for almost a week waking up only for water. 

Then Adrianna began to show some of the same symptoms. 

What many just don't realize is that when you live in a 3rd world country, it isn't like you just run to the closest Dr, or clinic. I mean we have places we can go to in case of emergency, like trauma, or immediate surgery, but when it comes to sickness, most times we just have to tough it out.

I tried everything I could from antibiotics to prayer, and finally reached out to my aunt who is a medical professional sending her some pictures to get advice on what it may be. 

She said it didn't really look like scarlet fever, so now we were back to square 1. 

She told me that it could possibly be hand, foot, and mouth disease, which I thought was something only babies could get. 

After asking many people for prayer, our world missions director asked if it would be okay if he shared it with a Dr that is in our organization, and that has traveled a lot, and is a missionary. 

She came to the same conclusion, Hand, Foot, and Mouth. 

Now that we knew what it was we understood why medicine wasn't working, and the kids was just going to have to sleep it off. 

Thank you so much for all your continued prayers and support! God is so good!

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Listen to this episode to hear more about this crazy week, along with some upcoming events here in PNG!

May God Continually Bless You,

Bro Marshall 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Can You Feel The Revival Fire Burning?

 All I can say is...


The fire of revival is burning bright and it is burning hot here in PNG! 

Over the past week we have had 6 souls baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins! That is almost 1 per day, but it gets even better...

40, yes you read that right FORTY, received the Holy Ghost!

Our Western Highlands Youth Conference was amazing! We had 3 nights of services, and in those 3 nights 38 souls received the gift of the Holy Ghost!

Sister Marshall taught her first lesson at Tiki Church in the Western Highlands Province, and she done a wonderful job. 

I followed her up with a message fit for Resurrection Sunday teaching on the cross, and the resurrection, and Joseph done a great job interpreting!

I am so thankful for everyone who supports us, and covers us in prayer! 

It is through your prayers, and your support that we are able to be here, and God just keeps on moving! We are blessed and honored to be called to PNG, and to the South Pacific to be a small part of what God is doing!

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God Bless,

Bro Marshall

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The 411 of the Past 7 Days

 I said when I first started the podcast, and the blog that I would be sharing the good, bad, and ugly of missions. 
It is my nature to share mainly good things, and I tend to overlook most bad things, so here is a raw episode and post of how the past 7 days have gone. 
I entitled this episode the 411 since I recorded on April 11th, and thought it would be a fun bit of information for everyone!
This week has been rough. I have struggled for the past several days with homesickness, and with a lot of frustration. 
On Thursday of last week we had a great talk with our granddaughter Roselee! We love our FaceTime calls with our family back home, but there are times that being on a FaceTime call and seeing everyone without being able to give them a hug, or actually being in the room with them makes it tough. 
After we hung up I had a bit of a breakdown that lingered around for a few days. I felt homesickness in a way that I have not felt in my entire life, and it didn’t stop there. 
When it rains, it pours…
On Friday I started showing some signs of serious food poisoning that was making my temperament, and my feelings even worse. That held on until late Sunday evening. 
Even though I was feeling awful, on Sunday afternoon I heard Pastor Charlie pull in, and he had a truck full of people. I looked out, and he had 2 precious souls to Baptize in the Name of Jesus Christ! No matter how bad you are feeling, there is something about people experiencing new birth that makes you feel so much better. 
Not knowing for sure if it was a sickness, or food poisoning I stood far back, but I couldn’t resist going back to witness the baptisms!
Finally When I woke up Monday morning I felt so much better, and my temperament was so much better. 
I am sure my wife, and my kids would tell you when I get sick, I am like an injured grizzly bear, and being homesick on top of it made it even worse. 
I know y’all were praying for me and my family, and want to say thank you for your prayers! 
May God Bless You Continually, 
Bro Marshall

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

It’s Worth The Wait! Isaiah 40:31

 I can’t say enough about this week!
We have been having an issue over the past several months and the issue is now no longer an issue!
Let me explain…
We have a Pastor that has been tarrying for the Holy Ghost since 2007. 
Per our constitution no one is to be licensed without the Holy Ghost, but somehow this man had been not only licensed, but upgraded to a General License without having the Holy Ghost, and now his fellowship was in jeopardy. 
He came to the headquarters with several other pastors, and I explained the situation. 
I told him that there are 3 main reasons you will not receive the Holy Ghost
  1. You don’t want it
  2. You don’t understand it
  3. You have unrepented sin in your life

I asked him if he wanted it, he said yes, then I asked him if he believed that God would fill him that day. He said yes. 
I then asked everyone there to take the next few moments of time for all of us to repent. 
We all prayed, and repented, then called him to the middle for prayer. 
We laid hands on him, and within 10 seconds he was speaking in tongues! God is so good!
He has been full reinstated, and reinstalled as the Pastor of his church, and we are seeing revival!!!!
God bless you continually,
Bro Marshall