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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The 8,000 Mile Prayer

 First off on behalf of my family, and all of us living on the compound I would like to say "Thank You".

As many know last Saturday we had a tribal fight that broke out just over 100 yards from our property here in Mount Hagen. 

Many commented, prayed, and sent messages, and for that we are truly thankful!

The reason this episode was entitled "The 8,000 Mile Prayer" is because everyone who commented, and messaged was 8,000 or more miles away.

God is omnipresent, and no matter where we are when we call on him, he will answer!

On the other side of that token I also had a few ask me, "why do you stay?" or "why would you put yourself in harms way?"

The answer is God called us to PNG for a reason, and they need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

I have been a lot of places, and I can say when God calls you somewhere there is such a peace that sets upon you that you just know that He has your back. 

On the live stream I mentioned that a young man was killed, and everyone that was there thought he was dead after being hit in the back of the neck with a machete. He was an innocent bystander that wasn't even in either tribe that was fighting. They thought he was dead, and I am not so sure they were wrong, but God had another plan.

After the fighting had stopped they went to him, and he was alive! They came straight to the property for help, and we were able to pick him up, pray, and get him to the hospital for help. 

They are going to let us know when he is released! God is so good!

On Sunday morning we went to church at RedKona Church in Mount Hagen to hear Willie Charlie preach his first Sunday Morning message! 

This young man tore it up! He preached on "Rebuilding The Altar" and it was a conference quality message! Did I mention it was his first one?!!

After he preached the altar was full, and there were 2 that repented of their sins for the first time, 3 were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and 3 received the gift of the Holy Ghost!

Yesterday me and Pastor Charlie took a trip to Unkarumpa in the Eastern Highlands province to pick up our long awaited container pick up! We shipped a partial container in February of 2021, and it was supposed to be here by mid June. Well mid June ended up being mid January, but hey its here!

Today Sister Marshall has been going through everything to put up, give away, and get ready! We had stuff for us, stuff for others, decorations, bible studies, and a ton of school supplies for the kids! 

On our way back we were driving in Simbu, and it was so foggy you could not see 3 feet. I told Pastor Charlie it was like driving through a glass of milk it was so foggy. I saw a large pothole, that was in a place where I was thinking was a sinkhole, then I saw a man jump over it into the road. To avoid hitting the pothole or the man I swerved, and when I did I heard "STOP" The passenger side tire was hovering over a steep embankment and we were inches from falling into this ravine. 

We prayed before we left the house, and before we left Unkarumpa, and God heard that cry. The many that jumped out helped us by putting rocks in front of our tire so we wouldn't go into the ravine, and he and Charlie helped guide me back to a safe place. 

Needless to say we took it very slow the rest of the way until we got to the place where most of the fog had lifted. 

I just want to thank each and every one of you for your continued prayers and support. I say it all the time, and will continue to say it, "the #1 thing our missionaries need is prayer" and I will stand by it!

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Be Continually Blessed,

Bro. Marshall 

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