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Monday, January 3, 2022

New Year, New Season, New Website

Happy New Year everyone! 
We pray 2022 is blessed and prosperous for all all you!
We closed the chapter of 2021, and opened a brand new chapter with 2022!
On December 30th we had our annual Christmas celebration with everyone that lives here on the compound, and with 2 of our students!
We had a great time having a MuMu and celebrating!  
December 30 is also my birthday, and I told everyone that we weren’t planning anything for my birthday, but we wanted to focus on spending time together, and celebrating Christmas, but…
Before we started they all began to give me birthday gifts, and wishing me a happy birthday! It was very nice of them to think of me on this day. 
We had a great time together! We stared with the Charlie family, and our “secret person” reveal! We had been buying gifts for one another for the entire month of December, and now it was time to find out who was who! 
We followed that with having our MuMu! Ezekiel had a pig we were able to buy for a reasonable price, and we had a great MuMu that started at 5:00 am, and cooked until after 1:00 pm due to a haus krai we had from 11:00 to 1:00. 

A MuMu is something we do here in PNG for a celebration. When you have a mumu it means that what you are doing is very important. 
Here is a mumu breakdown,
1. Kill the pig
2. cook the stones for about 1 hour to make sure they are red hot
3. while cooking the stones dig a hole, and line it with banana leaves
4. line the bottom of the hole with red hot stones
5. cover the stones with more banana leaves
6. put in all vegetables (kau kau, greens, tapioca, etc...)
7. while putting in the vegetables season the pig
8. Put the pig on top of all the vegetables
9. cover in banana leaves, and let steam for the next 4 - 5 hours.
10. Eat some of the best food you have ever had!

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a mumu knows that this is some great food! If you're planning a visit to PNG hopefully you get the chance to experience this great feast!

Following the mumu dinner we played the Saran Wrap game with everyone here, and it was so much fun! We had several gifts wrapped, and the main gift in the middle was a stone that had k50 written on it. Whoever got to the middle got a 50 Kina bill! It just so happened that Adrianna was the one who found out what the main prize was.

After we played the game the kids sang "Jingle Bells for everyone, which is a song that Ezekiel, and Joseph had worked on with them for the past couple of weeks during school, and one time during Christmas break for the kids.                                                       

I then read the Christmas story to everyone, and explained we do not believe Jesus was born on December 25, but we do believe in celebrating his birth, and being a light that shines in a world of darkness. 

We enjoyed the rest of our evening opening gifts, drinking coffee, and telling stories. We ended the evening with a white elephant game. The hottest gift was a water bottle... that just so happened to have 52 Kina inside. Everyone wanted the water bottle, well maybe not the water bottle, but the non liquid content. 

On New Years Eve our family spent time together, and had a great time of prayer and communion to bring in 2022

The first Sunday of 2022 was wonderful! Here in the Western Highlands we had 4 baptisms with one being Pastor Charlie's Daughter Amyee, there were also 3 other people from RedKona Church! On Facebook that evening Andrew Yani posted that he also had 2 baptisms on the same day! That is 6 reported baptisms for only 2 of our 36 churches to bring in 2022! We are praying for a great harvest in 2022!
As always Stay Blessed! Happy New Year, and we will talk to you soon!
Brother Marshall

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