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Friday, December 31, 2021

WHP Koibuka Conference, After A Safe Trip Back

We had a great conference in Lae with OGUSA. I was only able to make it to one service due to the tribal fight in town, but the one service I was at was great. Everyone was worshipping, and had a great expectation of what God was going to do! Ezekiel, Joseph, Daniel, Ambrose, and Jo Jo was all able to make it to every service from Tuesday evening to Wednesday Evening, and every service they attended was outstanding! After leaving Lae we had a great trip. Just like when we left, on our way back we hit 0 road blocks, and had no issues with our travel. We made it back in around 12 hours, due to a late Christmas shopping stop, but the road conditions were great! We made it back around 5pm Thursday evening, and then went to the Koibuka Church opening in the Western Highlands on Thursday Morning. The conference was scheduled to start at 9:30 am, but it was far from that by the time the Pastor, and Superentendant had made it to where we were.
At 9:30 I received a text message from our General Superentendant saying that we would start at 10:30 instead of 9:30. 
At 10:30 there was still no representation from this local church for their conference. 
At 11:00 I called the Pastor and informed him that if no representation was there by 11:30 that I would be getting up at that time to preach, and then leave to go back to our house. 
This service was scheduled for Christmas Eve, and my schedule was already filled for the day, but something that was supposed to be finished before 1pm lasted until 3pm. 
With that being said the conference which had started on Tuesday of that week was amazing!
The report I received while waiting for the board members, and Pastor to show was 22 souls baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins, and 5 were filled with the Holy Ghost during the earlier days of the conference!
After the message we went to the church, and cut the ribbon for the dedication. 

A little backstory from Koibuka Church...
When Brother Ua Malt was a young man in 1982, God called him to start a church in the Koibuka community. 
Little did he know what God was going to do through him during this time. 
The ALJC was not even heard of at the time in Papua New Guinea, but God had already given Bro. Ua a revelation of who he is. 
He didn't know that this church would play a huge roll in the future as one of the original churches in the ALJC.
Brother and Sister Price came to PNG in 1994, and lived in Simbu, which is about 2 hours away. 
They travelled to the Western Highlands, and met Bro Ua when traveling, and a relationship began to form. 
Over time the Price family moved to Mount Hagen, where we now have the National ALJC PNG Headquarters, and when they did Koibuka Church became their home church. 
After fighting Malaria for years, Brother Price had to go back to the United States due to medical issues. Before going back his daughter, and son in law (Bro, and Sis Barnett) came to PNG. 
The handover takeover service took place in 2001, and the service was held at Koibuka Church!
It took several years to make this church a permanent building, but on December 24, 2021 it was finally completed, and dedicated back to the Lord!

On Christmas Day, our family stayed home, and had our Christmas Celebration. (No we do not believe Jesus was born December 25, No we do not believe in celebrating Pagan holidays, and yes we do celebrate Christmas, and I will be posting a blog just on that soon). 

Our Compound Christmas Party will be on my birthday December 30, and we will be having all the families and people here on the compound here for a mumu, and so we can bless them, and reward them for all they do here! 

December 27, the day the podcast aired, was Adrianna's 15th Birthday! We spent the day celebrating her, and took her to one of our favorite PNG restaurants, "The Signature" which is a new(er) steak house located in our Kopper Haus government building. 

We are looking forward to the new year, and pray that God blesses you all big in 2022!

As always stay blessed, and I look forward to talking to you soon!
Brother Marshall

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