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Monday, December 6, 2021

Simbu Conference, December Blessings, and More to Come!

On Saturday we went to the Simbu Province to open Nununma Church for Pastor Lapun Yembe. Nununma Church is 58.41 miles from our headquarters according to GPS Kit, and it took us 2 Hours and 23 minutes to get there! Our roads are a little rough to say the least! I am using GPS kit on iPhone to geotag each of our churches. We have over 55 licensed ministers, and some are in pretty secluded places, so I want to make sure to tag each one, so I know the miles, and the time it takes to get there. 

All I can say about what is going on right now is…WOW!

During this conference we had 12 Baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, 1 filled with the Holy Ghost, and one Backslider come home! 

After talking to some of our Simbu Pastors I found that over the past 14 days there have been (not including the conference) 20 baptized in the name of Jesus Christ!

So in the Simbu Province alone over the past 2 weeks there have been 30 souls baptized!

There was also one reported healing at this conference!

We had a great move of God during this conference, and are excited to accept the challenge from Andrew Yani, who Pastors Cornerstone Apostolic Church in Simbu who said, “This year we have opened 2 churches in Simbu, so next year we need to open even more! There is no reason we can’t open 5 in 2022!”

Nununma Church was our second opening this year in the Simbu Province. Earlier this year we opened a church on the west side of Simbu! The church was Bungalingoo, where we had another great outpouring with 8 souls being baptized in Jesus Name! 

We also had our first ALJC PNG Evangelist department crusade/revival at Kal Mountain in the Western Highlands province this week! 

Our Evangelist Department Coordinator Matthew Peter is the Pastor at Kal Mountain Church, and came to me with a great idea. He said, “my missionary, we have never had any department like this. Would it be okay if we had a service at my church for a practice run?”

My answer was…”OF COURSE!”

During this revival we had our first Evangelist preach conviction down! You may have seen pictures of me and Charlie Gabriel on social media right before he left for the revival services. 

It is great to see the five fold ministry being activated in the nation of Papua New Guinea in the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ! We have more evangelist to be announced, but the coordinator is still working on his list. 

During this revival service 2 souls  repented of their sins, and 2 souls were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of those sins!

This brings our numbers from April 2021 - present 

214 Repented of their sins

103 Water Baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins

75 filled with the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance

Revival isn’t coming to PNG, Revival is here!

We have one more church opening this year, and it will be December 21— 24 2021 and is at Koibuka Church.

While was sick as we mentioned in last week’s podcast I was finally able to finish my book, well actually I started it when I got sick, and having 2 weeks in the bed I was able to finish about the same time I started feeling well. 

I have been talking about writing a book for quite a while, and had time to set down, and finish it mid to late November. 

I have had the great honor, and blessing to have some great men of God help me along the way!

Thank you Pastor Wylie Rhinehart for editing! I could only imagine how painful that would be. Trust me I have read it, and know that the Indiana comes out a lot!

Thank you Bro. Robin Johnson, Pastor Jonathan Vazquez, Pastor Jeremy Lang, Pastor Nate Whitley, and Pastor Wylie Rheinhart for the forwards, and recommendations!

We have a launch date of December 18, 2021 with the Kindle version available for preorder now!

This book was written from my point of view to show that the road to being a missionary isn’t always a nice road. It isn’t always a highway, but normally a pretty rough backroad!

This book is to encourage, equip, and help those feeling a call to ministry, and to show even though we try our best to steer our own lives and try to do our best for sometimes 22 years, that once we let go and give it to God he puts us in the place HE calls us within 9 months. 

God has taught me while on this road that I must trust and rely on Him and Him alone, and that he will guide my steps.

The link for the preorder is live now, please click

The link for the paperback version will be available on 12/18/2021

If anyone is interested in hardback copies please feel free to email me so I can put the information in, and calculate the costs for a hardback.

Thank you and Be Blessed!

Bro. Marshall

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