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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The Newest Member of the Coffee With the Missionary Family... The Blog

 We started the podcast, Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter, Why not kick off a blog to go along with it! 

After much thought and consideration I have decided to try to keep everyone updated as many ways as I possibly can to the work here in Papua New Guinea. If for any reason this becomes too time consuming, or it takes away from the ministry here in PNG I will not be posting. (Just a quick disclaimer)

We post to the podcast listed at the top of this blog every Tuesday, and try our best to keep everyone "in the loop" of what is going on here in PNG, but since I have just started this blog I am going to take some time to talk about the podcast that was done yesterday morning. 

We have had so much going on over the past couple of weeks, I realize that the podcast from yesterday was a little scattered, but we are excited to see what God is going to do!

As stated in the Podcast here are our year to date totals for New Birth here in PNG. Please note the numbers are from April 2021 - October 2021, and are as follows,

  • Repented of their sins 197
  • Baptized in the name of Jesus Christ 58
  • Filled with the Holy Ghost 74
And we are expecting many more! These stats are from 24 of 50 Churches. 
Reports also came in today, that on Sunday Bro Sio in the Solomon Islands baptized 29 souls in JESUS Name on Sunday!

Revival is happening in the South Pacific. 

Our vehicle is doing great that we were able to purchase while on deputation, and we found that there was a great blessing in the glove box!

We purchased the vehicle from Kyle Shell in October of 2020 before coming back to PNG, and in September of 2021 the registration expired. When I was going through the paperwork to update the registration I found that Kyle had paid for a roof rack, and a snorkel! The roof rack had been installed, and the labor for both were also paid, but when he took it to have the parts put on the vehicle they were out of snorkels. 

After leaving the bmv we went to the dealership, and they ordered us a snorkel, put it on, and we paid $0! What a great blessing!

We have had a record breaking year with the ministers here in PNG, and I am pleased to announce we have 55 ministers that have paid their dues, and that are active members of the ALJC PNG!

We had our handover/takeover service on Wednesday of last week, and now have the following ministers in these positions,
  • General Superentendant - Thomas Wisil 
  • Assistant Superentendant - Francis Parak
  • General Secretary - Tom Ua
  • Southern/Western Highlands Presbyter - Ua Malt
  • Jiwaka Presbyter - Benson Kuro
  • Simbu/Eastern Highlands Presbyter - David Marome
  • MOMASE Presbyter - Umba Nurua
  • Home Missions - John Konam
  • World Missions - Patrick Pianga
  • Menistry - Jeffery Degba
  • Women's Esprit - Helen Poi
  • Evangelism - Matthew Peter
  • Discipleship - Phillip Opa
  • Young Couples - Lucas Samuel
  • Apostolic Youth Crusaders Benjamin Jacob
We have recently added 6 new departments which are, Jiwaka Presbyter, World Missions, Menistry, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Young Couples! 

We have started the leveling of the ground for our bible college, and excited to move forward with this project! We have a 5 phase plan to complete this project as quickly as possible. 

Please subscribe to this blog, our podcast, and all social media to stay in touch with the work here in PNG! I will try to link our social in the next post due to connectivity issues today. (3rd world problems ;))
Stay Blessed,
Bro Marshall

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