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Monday, November 29, 2021

Thanksgiving And Tea Time

In this episode Brother, and Sister Marshall share what happened over the last week with Thanksgiving, The Ladies Tea Time, and updates with things that have happened this week! 
Quick disclaimer this episode is much longer than normal, but we have quite a bit to cover!
Sister Marshall had 25 Ladies at the “Tea Time”, and she has allot to share with you about the outcome. 
I have been sick for the past couple of weeks, but things have progressed! 
I have written a book, and the preorder is ready! You can order it by clicking 

Hey if you’re looking for a MacBook Air, like the one we use to do pretty much EVERYTHING on, I need to be a man of my word…

The Poem from the Bookmarks that Sis Marshall Handed out

Pastor’s Wife
A Virtous Woman
Is Wise
and kind, clothed 
with dignity
and strength.
She is a comfort
& encouragement
to those 
around her.
She loves God 
and shall 
Be blessed

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God Bless!
The Marshall’s 

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